About the WebMuseum

The WebMuseum was not made as part of any official or supported project. There's not grant behind that, it is total pleasureware (tm). I decided to start working on this exhibit because I felt more artistic stuff was needed on the Internet, so the WebMuseum took over my free time (nights and week-ends...) since mid-march 1994.

Some companies may be trying to get a monopolistic grab on arts and culture, developing a pay-per-view logic, shipping out CD-ROMs while trying to patent stuff which belongs to each of us: a part of our human civilization and history.

This exhibit is not trying to compete in any way with books or specialized CD-ROMs. Such an Internet exhibit will neither reach the quality of paper reproduction and professional critic, nor will it be as easily available as a local CD-ROM, given the transfer time on the Internet.

No support, no funding, no manpower: the WebMuseum is a collaborative work of its visitors contributing to expand and improve the WebMuseum.

The WebMuseum is open 24 hours a day throughout the year on the Web!

11 Oct 2002, Nicolas Pioch - Top - Up - Info
Thanks to the BMW Foundation, the WebMuseum mirrors, partners and contributors for their support.