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Image ibiblio.org, the public's library and digital archive, a collaboration of the center for the public domain and the University of North-Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Special thanks to Paul Jones

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Image SunSite Japan, Tokyo University of Science,
Special thanks to Devendra Narayan

Image Encyclopædia Britannica

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Major References and Sources

The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Highly recommended!
Probably the best website world-wide offered by a real-life museum. Flash plug-in required.
To access the collection, from the English home page, click on Collection then 1250 Major Exhibits.
A perfect example of what a public service should be, offering highly informative content and high-resolution pictures of artworks for worldwide educational use. Well done!

Most other museums have the exact opposite approach, displaying crappy or botched-on-purpose reproductions of their artworks (or none) on their website covered with misleading copyright notices as they think such an information-retentive strategy may protect their "business", despite the fact that they are heavily subsidised by the local and national taxpayers (at least in most European countries) and that most of their artworks has long fallen in the public domain.

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