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From: [email protected] (Crisper Than Thou)
Subject: Re: The World of the Future
Newsgroup: talk.bizarre
Date: 26 Dec 1994 22:28:02 GMT

All web sites will consist entirely of hotlinks pages which list the best hotlinks pages out there. Bad hotlinks pages will be nothing but a list of names; decent ones will have pictures relevant to the place, the topic, the general demeanor of each destination link. The really top-notch hotlinks pages will have highly interactive forms, which you customize to get exactly the set of hotlinks you want.

There will be no information or content. There will only be hotlinks which collect the best hotlinks available.

Two years, tops.

--The Elder Dan
(prophetically crisper)

I just don't have time to process requests asking for addition in my nonexisting "hotlist", nor to create/update such a list. Worse, I would get even more such requests in my mailbox! Many people are already doing a wonderful job maintaining Internet directories: personally I consult DMOZ - the Open Directory Project whenever I need to find out something, so I'd rather suggest you to register your site there. Please do not write me asking to add a link to your site, or prepare a large bribe!

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