Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry (1/4)

Image January
The month of giving gifts (a custom which seems to have died out now). Jean de Berry himself can be seen on the right, wearing the brilliant blue robe.

Dans certaines familles, on ne celebrait guere Noel, bien que certains soient catholiques: on donnait un cadeau chaque annee qu'on appelait les etrennes. Ce mot remonte a l'usage Romain de par lequel le patron devait offrir une subside annuelle a ses clients. Il est possible que la television ait donne le dessus a la fete de Noel sur l'epiphanie. (comment from [email protected])

Image February
Winter in a peasant village. The inhabitants of a farm are shown warming themselves by the fire, while in the background daily life - cutting wood, taking cattle to the market - goes on as normal.

Image March
The year's first farm work, sowing and ploughing and suchlike. The chateau in the background is that of Lusignan, one of the Duc's favourites.

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